The proposed 1.5 million acre Bluebelt will protect more of the Ontario’s critical water supplies.

This protection will permanently safeguard the sources of clean drinking water for over 1.25 million residents as well as supporting agriculture and rural economies, and preserving natural heritage. The areas identified for permanent protection provide a variety of important functions:

– acting as ‘rainbarrels’ to filter and store precipitation, recharging groundwater supplies,
– sustaining pollution-fighting forests and prime growing soil,
– providing base flow to rivers and lakes, and
– protecting downstream communities from flooding and erosion.

(Photo Source: FOTGF)

“We already have flooding issues today in the downstream portions of Carruthers Creek near Lake Ontario. Paving our headwaters would significantly increase the damage to the Creek and homes.”  

Steve Parish, Mayor of Ajax and Co-chair of the Municipal Leaders for the Greenbelt

“Land and water are out most vital resources.”    

Professor Emil O. Frind, PhD Distinguished Professor Emeritus in Groundwater, University of Waterloo
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